Lohr Cristal on-demand shuttles form a train. Lohr is a French company with manufacturing in Newnan, Georgia.  
Dear City of Atlanta, MARTA, Beltline Planners,

Please include access for smart shuttles on portions of the Atlanta Beltline, carrying 6 to 12 passengers.

Where space allows, please provide a separate path for shuttles, bikes and scooters, so people and dogs are not at risk of injury. The existing Beltline walkway would be unchanged. A planted median with a decorative wooden fence could separate pedestrians from vehicle lanes.

A network of last-mile shuttles could include response to Lyft/Uber requests to increase city transit ridership. Shuttles could take riders door-to-door as they connect using connected shuttle-only access points and connected greenway trails.

May Mobility shuttles are one example of a narrow shuttle vehicle that could share a path with bikes. Safety drivers at the front of the May Mobility shuttle can stop the vehicle at any time. All shuttle riders could be provided with an emergency stop button.

Reasons why automakers are investing in smart shuttles - May Mobility shuttles financed by Toyota and BMW, running in Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Similar Transdev autonomous vehicles are being tested on North Avenue in Atlanta.

With doors on sides of the shuttle vehicles, passengers enter and exit without disrupting other riders. Handicapped individuals avoid having to navigate down an isle. Shuttles would significantly reduce the number of trains circling the 22k Beltline loop during off-peak hours.

Car-free light rail projects are vitally important to solving traffic congestion, including the extension of the Auburn/Edgewood street car to Krog Street Market, ideally without overhead wires. Including shuttle services will allow us to create an incredible, people-focused, recreation space that safely separates bikes and scooters from people.

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